On a recent interview for Arizona Republic Alice Cooper revealed that he is currently working on his new album, which is going to be different.  “There’s about four or five songs already written. I worked with Bob Ezrin in Nashville the last couple of weeks on a couple things. We worked in Detroit on a few things. And I think that’s going to be a very interesting album. It’s gonna be very different, something I’ve never done before. I can’t really let the cat out of the bag. But it’s gonna be really good.” When he was asked about what is going to be different he replied: “Conceptually, it’s something that we’ve never done. A lot of story lines are fantasy-driven — ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’, ‘Brutal Planet’, fantasy-driven, sci-fi horror novels. ‘Along Came A Spider’ was a mystery novel. This is totally different than that.” As for the release date, Alice said that it should be expected by the end of the year.