American Tears release new video


American Tears released a new music video for the song “Woke” from their recent album “Free Angel Express”.

In a recent interview on, Mark Mangold talked about the comeback of the band: “that’s why I started American Tears again. I got sick of all this generic stuff…the same all things. How many times can you hear a new Whitesnake kinda song rewritten all over again? You have to try something new and not copy Whitesnake or Foreigner or whatever. If you wanna do a 10-minute song that includes a synth solo or a guitar solo without being boring, then do it! That’s why all the American Tears songs do not have the basic compositional structure. I’ve done that stuff for years in the past but with American Tears you can’t have a safety net! You don’t know what the song structure will be and that’s really important for an artist and for the listener. You can do whatever you want and not stick to a formula. It’s both risky, scary but also very gratifying. You just have to say “fuck it…I am doing it! (laughs)”.

Check out the entire interview here…