From David Shankle:
Announcement: Now for the BAD NEWS..
I have to deal with some serious medical issues. I have found out on Monday that I have a TUMOR in my head and I have surgery scheduled for April 1st, doctors are trying to get me in sooner, at this point is too early to talk about bening, or malign…we shall see.
After five hand surgeries seems like nothing compared to this. I must kill this Beast that is inside me and continue on like a Viking Warrior that I am, I will never stop.
I will win this new battle, the biggest one yet that is in front of me and until then please send me your best thoughts and positive energy because I need it.
I will read all of your comments but at the moment have no time to get back to you guys, please respect that and don´t feel bad if I don´t get back to you shortly as I allways do.
My project with FEANOR doesn´t change, the album is in the middle of the mixing process and you all can be sure of something…that record will be something really special, not only for me, but for all of you as well.
Thanks all of you one more time for your inmense love. You know that I love you all, please send me your positive energy and lets fight this shit together one more time, back to back, like true brothers of metal.