Blood Of Emeralds – Gary Moore Tribute Vol.5 @ Κύτταρο 6/5/2023


The classic Gary Moore tribute show took place once again last Saturday at the legendary Kyttaro with the guitarist’s fanatics celebrating his memory playing his timeless songs.

On the first part we had the chance to enjoy the blues stuff, that Gary loved so much, played by Blue Emerald, while on the second Remember Lizzy plus several guests took on the harder material. Thanasis Giokas band with a dazzling line up including a small horn section with a trumpet and sax gave a soulful performance. The undoubted highlights of their set were “Walking By Myself” and “Still Got The Blues”, as well as Vicky Bee’s amazing performance. At this point, we should underline that Gary Moore was a guitarist and secondly a singer and he sung his songs in his own unique way. Like several performers of our favourite music, he wasn’t the best singer, but we have his songs in mind with his voice. The guest singers have their own style, which is impossible to sound like Gary and may not fit in some songs, because we always have the originals in our minds.

Thanasis Giokas – Bluemerald

On the second part, with a bigger list of guests, we listened to classics like “Victims Of The Future”, “Empty Rooms”, “Thunder Rising”, “Murder In The Skies”. Remember Lizzy were flawless like always guided by their unselfish love for Gary and their devotion to detail. They played everything almost perfectly welcoming every guest on stage with their guitar duo of Panos Papapetros and Johnny Sinnis stepping down whenever it was needed. In their set’s highlights I’d certainly pick the first time ever that “Sunset”, an instrumental song from Cozy Powell’s “Tilt” album, which was released in 1981, was performed in Greece, with Alex Flouros giving us goosebumps with his amazing feeling. Moments like this are the “icing on the cake” on an effort like that, where you certainly want to listen to the “hits”and the most popular songs, but also the deep cuts, the material that you’d rarely listen to live. That makes the difference.

Argyro Inglizian

From then on, Yiannis Kalivas (Flying Mercury), Dimitris Giannakopoulos and Argyro Inglizian (Diamond Signs) were amazing on vocals, while on guitars Aggelos Perlepes was flying on both “Victims Of The Future” and “End Of The World”, as well as Ioanna Mitsioni (Diamond Signs again!) on “Out In The Fields”, with a solo almost identical with the original. It was also great to see youngsters stepping on the stage and playing with the older guard, like for example Fotis Souvleris (On My Way Home) sharing the stage with Perlepes.

Yiannis Kalivas – Panos Papapetros – Yiannis Sinnis

Thanks for this great show guys, and we are already waiting for the next one!

Yiannis Dolas