Lemmy’s son Paul Kilmister has announced that he will release an tribute album to his father featuring material edited by Bob Kulick. Specifically, a few months before his death, Lemmy had contacted Kulick about some solo recordings they had done together between 1990 and 2004.  “Lemmy wanted these tracks to be reissued … to have their day, as he felt they weren’t appreciated properly,” the release notes. “Unfortunately, this proved to be no easy task for Kulick. Compatible digital machines had to be found and purchased in order to rescue the now almost-obsolete DA88 tapes. Once this was accomplished, the tapes were transferred to current hard drives, saving them for posterity.”

The result will be an album with these recordings featuring well-known guest musicians. Kulick describes it as a metal version of Nat King Cole’s duet with his daughter, Natalie, on “Unforgettable”, which was recorded many years after the singer’s death with the addition of female vocals. So far the only name announced of the participants is that of drummer Greg Bisonette, who worked with Lemmy on the cover of Metallica’s “Wiplash”, which gave the band a Grammy Award, their first and last. , in 2005.

Paul said the album would feature “people that knew Lemmy, people that we knew together, people that were big fans of Lemmy’s — joining together to utilize some of the recordings from the past that Bob Kulick was able to save. … Being able to work with Bob on some of these recordings is a privilege and an honor. My dad was good friends with Bob. They had a lot in common – the Beatles, their history together, and the music.”
Gods of the Arena has a tentative release date of Christmas 2020.