We can say everything and…nothing about this release! Everything, because this is non other than the ultimate Count Dracula of the legendary Hammer Films who carries on the ripe age of 91 to record a heavy metal album and prepare his new movie. Just these facts are sufficient enough to compliment this living legend who should be looked upon as a role model to all this brigades of musicians that are lazy enough and take advantage of an ephemeral hit record and a similar fan base. On the other hand, we can say nothing because “Charlemagne – The Omens of Death” is not something extraordinary. It’s uninspired and Sir Lee, despite his thick voice and his unique interpretation is far from being considered an ideal singer (especially in this age). The music style is traditional heavy metal but the compositions themselves are, as I said, nothing spectacular…actually, quite detrimental.

For the record, Richie Faulkner (of the Judas Priest fame) has written all the music while Hedras Ramos (World Guitar Idol) participates in this project.

All in all, I’d suggest this album for only the Christopher Lee die hard fans but not to the pure metal audience.