John Corabi who was Motley Crue’s singer for two years and the self-titled album in 1994 is about to release a CD-DVD of a live performance of this material. Talking to Austrian Mulatschag he revealed that he got the idea when he was playing those songs with his solo band. These people were coming to me and they were saying things like, ‘Dude, I’ve waited twenty years for this.’ So I started thinking… The band only really toured for, like, three months in America. There was a ton of places in America we never even played. We never played Canada, South America. We never came to Europe. We never did anything. So I sat there and I went, ‘You know what? There’s probably a lot of people that wanna see this.’ So, (…) I went to Nashville and I recorded the whole thing for a live album and I recorded the whole thing for a DVD. So I’m gonna pack the two together. And for anybody that wants to see it and can’t, it’ll be coming out soon.”