Daffodil – A Hope For Things That Never Come (EP)


If you like HIM and melodic goth metal, then you will love Daffodil’s first release.

The band from Trikala possesses the whole package. Catchy name (Daffodil = Plant -Narkissos in Greek), frontman – Vile Vallo (Vasilis Gougoulakis), female guitar player (Helena Kotina) and generally a successful image that matches this type of music.

All the above simply supplement their music proposal. Four tracks of modern melodic gothic rock, based on rhythm guitars and the vocals of Vasilis, while the keyboards create the appropriate atmosphere. They highly remind and are influenced by HIM, but you should not hurry up and write them off as rip-off band. The changes of the vocals in “End of days” are impressive, while “Down the corridor” has all the ingredients required for a commercial hit.

As for the production, it is really of high quality.

Fans of this specific genre should definitely check them out. They managed to make a classic metal fan (from the holy year of 1984) as myself, to sing along and press play again and again.

Well done guys, great start!