Dan Reed Transmission


Our older readers are surely familiar with the name of Dan Reed Network; an outfit that gained moderate commercial success in the late 80s especially due to a considerable MTV rotation of their videos and the musical vicinity with the funk rock sound (like Extreme) that was quite popular back then. In the last few years, the band’s mastermind, Dan Reed, follows a solo career and “Transmission” is his third solo album.

Unfortunately, I cannot say that I was impressed by it although I must underline that there are two ways to review and judge this album. The first one –which fits perfectly with my opinion- put a negative mark on the album as the compositions themselves are truly uninspired, with a dark mood and orchestrated in a rather stripped down style displaying an effort by Reed to catch similar works by Fleetwood Mac and why not Kip Winger’s solo endeavors. The other way to view this release is to set aside all those negative aspects and solely appreciate Reed’s honest approach and need to express himself musically in his own, uncompromised way. That’s really great and it must be taken under consideration. But, what about the songs? They don’t leave us many ways to be more flexible as the final result is detrimental and –as I said previously- uninspired. Reed may have an honest intention but the outcome doesn’t do justice to it.

Highlight: Paradoxically, the cover sleeve is quite interesting, remarkable and…inspired!