Danko Jones – Wild Cat


The Canadian releases another killer record! This is probably his best album since his last best… “We Sweat Blood”!

11 out of 11… all the songs are real killers and not fillers! The album kicks off in high speed, gassed up, all guns blazing with the triplet “I Gotta Rock”, My Little R’n’R” and “ Going Out Tonight”. Next up is a tribute to Phi Lynott, because certainly I cannot think of anything else when I listen to “You Are My Woman” as my brain goes straight to the one and only Irish rocker. Even the solos have something Celtic in them…. Epic!

The attack of the absolute power trio goes on in full force with the mesmerizing riffs of “Do This Every Night”, while they turn up the heat on “Let’s Start Dancing”, as the title commands. The punchy self-titled song sounds a bit retro and might bring Clutch in mind. Danko doesn’t run out of steam, ideas or inspiration and keeps it up with the swaggery “She Likes It”, the gigantic bass lines on the naughty “Success In Bed” and the sheer power of “Diamond Lady”. The album closes in less than 40 minutes with a street revolutionary manifesto called “Revolution”… “make war, then love”.

It’s very impressive how the band manages to present so strong material after 20 years and dozens of releases of every format. In a time where we definitely lack quality and we look for it in the glorious past Danko puts it right in our face and ears!