Dead End Heroes – Dead End Heroes


Classic traditional melodic hard rock signed by Rolf Munkes can’t be bad… no way! On the contrary this album is very good.

The project took shape from Swiss drummer Danies Voegeli who wrote the music and recorded demos that were brought to Rolf Munkes to handle the production. But, he was so excited with the music that Munkes decided to take part in the project. So, he brought in German singer Carsten Lizard Schulz who introduced them to Scottish bassist Paul Logue and hammond player Holger Seeger.
The result was a beautiful CD that winks to Deep Purple, MSG, Uriah Heep with exceptional work on the keyboards, great ideas, amazing playing and great production. Especially on a time when we read about “super group” gatherings of musicians that finally end up mediocre albums, this one becomes even more precious. Classic rock and melodic fans will be thrilled with Dead End Heroes.