Dee Snider signed a new record contract and he is going to release a new solo album titled “Now” where he will be collaborating with song writer Damon Ranger. Ranger has won an Oscar, Grammy and Emmy awards and has worked with Katy Perry, as well as in the movie “Life Of Pi”. Snider has already recordsd five songs with Ranger and his team which includes members from Pink’s band. The material is modern rock and according to Dee Snider he was approached by Damon Ranger’s people: ‘You’re iconic. You’re the voice of rebellion. And I think with the right songs, you could reach a whole new audience — a mainstream rock audience.’ These are people who write for Kanye, they write for Katy Perry, they write for Pink, they write for Taylor Swift… They’re top pop songwriters. I’ve been challenged to transform myself at the ripe old age of 61, and I like being challenged. It was almost a dare. I don’t wanna say it’s out of my wheelhouse, ’cause it’s my voice. But this stuff is very different. It’s edgy. Think Foo Fighters, think Queen stadium anthem [type of sound], think that kind of mainstream rock. So it’s still crunchy, and it’s still got attitude, but it’s not ’80s rock. It’s contemporary-sounding stuff.”