Dexter Ward - III

More than 10 years have passed since the schism that occurred in the Battleroar camp and resulted in the creation of Dexter Ward. The band kept a distance from the get go, despite the fact that it was created by a big part of the Battleroar writing team, leaving aside the “Epic Metal” label and adopting a more classic metal approach with the term epic used only as a mere ingredient on the Dexter Ward pallet. We reached the year 2020 and the third album of the Greco-Italian coalition that bears the modest title “III”. It becomes obvious from the start that the band insists in the same musical recipe utilized from its very creation. “III” when compared to its predecessors shows the same consistency in terms of musicianship, lyrical content and overall quality aspects. So there is no question of whether the fans will like it. Hell, it might even satisfy those who expect of Dexter Ward to appear more Battleroar-ish since there are some lengthy and more epic compositions included like Demonslayer, The Eyes of Merlin and In the Days of Epic Metal. And this also resonates through the cover art and the change of logo into a more steel and chains theme. Undeviating course, sea worthy vessel. Safe travels upon “III” dear friends!