Don Airey

In a recent interview on AntiHero, Deep Purple’s keyboardist, Don Airey, revealed that he recorded the bass on the entire legendary “Painkiller” album by Judas Priest.

When he was asked about playing keyboards for a band that doesn’t usually have keyboards he replied: They were so worried about it they didn’t even give me a credit, I don’t think, on the album. They paid me, which is always the point. But recently, I mean this last month or so… it’s a wonderful album, Painkiller… And Scott Travis has spilled the beans about it, that all the bass parts are me playing on the mini. It’s Moog bass on the whole album; that was Ian Hill’s bass mixed in as well on parts. But at the time Ian wasn’t very well so he wasn’t at the sessions. So, I got made to do all the bass and they kept it. I mean, it was a funny old job. I only got to play proper keyboards on one track, I can’t remember what the track is. I just read about it yesterday that they’d actually said, I’ve never said a word about it before. I mean, it was an exciting album to do. They’re wonderful people to be around.”