Earth Electric –Vol.1 Solar


Οccult rock with female vocals is a genre that has flourished in the last decade and my personal favorite of the retro revival of the 70’s sound. An important chapter of contemporary occult sound, and with great commercial appeal is also Ghost with the vocals of Papa Emeritus, that have released great albums.

In their debut, Earth Electric plays occult rock with psychedelic vocals based on the sound of Ghost. By the book, that is! Created by longtime former member of Mayhem, Rune Eriksen “Blasphemer” and his longtime associate in gothic metallers Ava Inferi, Carmen Susana Simoes, Earth Electric are influenced by Ghost to a huge extent. In addition to the compositions themselves, this is due to the production of Jaime Gomez Arellano who has mixed the great debut “Opus Eponymous” (2010) of the Swedes.

So even if the Press Release mentions that their leader and guitarist has the desire to create a sound close to Purple and Sabbath, the result is 90% Ghost! This, of course, is not bad and the album is quite interesting, it just does not stand out. On the other hand, when a musician of this magnitude decides to deal with something and sets his goals, he can write songs like “The great vast” and “Sabbatical moons” which would easily find a place in any album of the band that has affected them the most. If you like this particular kind of rock and Ghost, check it out, it’s worth it. If not, do not start your adventure in the field of occultism and magic from here. You have to set priorities: The Devil’s Blood, Blood Ceremony, Uncle Acid.