The debut album is inarguably one of the most important moments in a band’s career and it can prove crucial for its future. Endomain is a Greek band consisted of weathered musicians coming from well known bands with big experience of both studio work and live shows and the fruit of their collaboration was expected for some time now.

With the first notes coming from “Step In The Machine” we realize that this is a quality work that follows the classic metal/prog/US Power paths. Stratis Steele’s voice is very special, as well as his singing style that might even remind you of a tenor in some points. Their riffs are edgy and aggressive putting the listener into the album’s mysterious and gloomy atmosphere. This album is full of soul and sentiments that overflow on every twist, every turn, every solo. The most important of all is that there are several songs that you actually remember after listening to the album, which is something that tends to be rare nowadays. Surely, Deva Studios’ production that puts the final touch plays a huge role on the final result.

Although there are certainly songs that stand out on “Step In The Machine” this is an album that you should listen in its entirety from start to finish, because that’s how it’s glory can be fully appreciated.