Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn


For you who may wonder what’s with the A.D. next to the name of Entombed, you may seem to have missed the newest developments. After some changes in the band that there is no need to mention, the name Entombed is now owned by all 4 original members, L.G. Petrov, Nicke Andersson, Uffe Cederlund and Alex Hellid. As a result, Alex was left alone and put the band on hold while the remaining members formed Entombed A.D. who just released their 2nd full-length album. The name may differ a bit, but the music doesn’t. Death ‘n’ roll from the Swedes as we know them so many years, but the quality of the music isn’t as good as always. Maybe L.G. and Victor Brandt gave their best ideas in the killer Firespawn album which was released a few months ago. Surely they can do better than that. “Dead Dawn” will be released in CD and vinyl. The limited edition of each version will contain as bonus a cassette with 4 demos tracks of the album. Also, the video for “The Winner Has Lost” is absolutely awesome.