Original Survivor guitarist, Frank Sullivan, filed suit in Chicago federal court on Monday against co-founder James “Jim” Peterik for using the trademarked Survivor name without permission. The two musicians signed an agreement in 1995 granting Survivor Music exclusive use of the Survivor name. According to the lawsuit Peterik’s  voluntary departure from the band assigned all of his rights to use the band’s trademarked name to Sullivan. Since then the guitarist has continued to perform and record as Survivor, until 2014 and the death of leader singer Jimi Jamison. Sullivan accuses Peterik that he illegally continued to use the Survivor name since departing the group, including promoting his solo career with the description “co-founder of Survivor” and subtitling his autobiography “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Life of Survivor’s Founding Member.” At the moment there is no comments from Peterik’s side.