Fallen Arise @ Trianon


Any day now, Fallen Arise are releasing their second studio album under the title “Adeline”. It is a concept album with a rather interesting story from the past which we will soon present to you.

The band had planned to present this concept during a live performance with the participation of actors and a theatrical setting which would enhance their music-theatrical performance. Unfortunately, mainly due to technical reasons which came up the very last day, the theatrical part could not be realized and the band was forced to give a music only performance with some exceptional visual effects which were vividly projected on the background of the stage. I use the word music performance since the particular band is well-known for their performing element in their concerts- the best in the indigenous scene.


‘Trianon’ may not have been packed (internet addicts may not be fond of these guys….ok I am talking about cliques here), but this did not prevented the six musicians from illustrating their new record in an exceptional way.  Spyla (the very best of the country in the so-called female fronted metal) and Chris on vocals, whose continuous progress in every live has been quite evident, Frangiskos and Aggelos on the right and left side respectively (spotless on executing their music task), Gus and Thanos on keyboards and drums who gave the perfect boost to the group towards a flawless performance which deserves the according respect, were the stars of the night.
The only shortcoming was the sound which literally crippled Fallen Arise, in a venue which I do not think that can support many instruments, channels, etc. I would personally have loved to listen to a couple of songs from their previous album, “Etheral”, but maybe the problems that occurred would not have permitted it.


In their honor, at the end of their performance they asked some of the actors, who were supposed to perform for them, to come on stage. Despite the cancelation of the theatrical part they stood by them to the end.  It was a prominent act!
It was another impressive show by Fallen Arise, a flaming blast I would say. It is a band that deserves much more things and I believe that they will soon find the way to claim them.

Setlist: Prologue In D Minor, The Curse Of Adeline, We’re Becoming Gods, Divine Bride, Silent Weeping, The Heart Of The Damned, My Last Breath, White Crystal Angel, Funeral, Music Box, As Far The Memory Remains, Oceans Of Time, Epilogue.

Dimitris Kazantzis