Fates Warning – Long Day Good Night


Album number 13 for our beloved Fates Warning, who have returned to the historic Metal Blade Records. After ‘FWX’, it seemed as though the band wanted to test its audience’s patience before releasing something new, but now a good productivity rhythm has been achieved, with nice surprises along the way, such as the solo record Ray Alder put out last year.

From the very first notes of opening track ‘Destination Onward’, Fates’ unique idiosyncrasy becomes apparent: Soul-searching, a whiff of tenderness, obvious nostalgia, all expressed through the beautiful combination of Jim Matheos’ music and Ray Alder’s voice. ‘Long Day Good Night’ is not perfection personified, as was the case with ‘Theories of Flight’. It is closer to ‘Darkness in a Different Light’; a grower, and maybe minus a couple of tracks its flow would be better. Among my favorite tunes, ‘The Way Home’ and ‘The Longest Shadow of the Day’, the latter, mostly instrumental, serving as the grand finale.

‘Long Day Good Night’ is exactly what one needs in order to start an inner contemplation in these uncertain restricted times. And if you do put on ‘A Pleasant Shade of Gray’ for example, be prepared to shed some tears in child’s pose, on your room’s floor.