Fragile Vastness – Perception


The calendar was showing 2005 when Fragile Vastness released an excellent album entitled “A Tribute To Life”. Since then, a lot of time pass without having new music from this amazing band. But the time finally came for their third release and to be honest, if they write this kind of music I don’t mind taking them this amount of time to release something new again. Quality matters, not quantity. And the key element of “Perception” is quality.

The line-up has been renewed and besides the founders Vangelis Yalamas (bass, producer), Babis Tsolakis (drums) and Evi Katsamatsa (keys) some new members came along. Guitarists Vasilis Batilas (Daylight Misery) and George Thanasoglou (Orion’s Reign, ex-AmongRuins) and the amazing Elena Stratigopoulou on vocals. A girl with great capabilities and talent that makes the difference in this release.

There are a lot of differences considering their past, but that’s normal after all these years. That doesn’t keep them to reach new paths in their musical journey. Their character remains progressive, but they have a more modern (not in the bad way) approach. The backbone of this album relies on the amazing rhythm section while the guitars have a more supporting role. Even if they are not full with technique and solos, they add a beautiful effect to the songs. The keyboards have also their unique part in the album but the highlight is, as I mentioned above, the voice of Elena.

Fragile Vastness have returned for good and songs like “Heaven On Mars”, “World Distorted”, “A Wall Of Glass” and “A Face In The Mirror” can confirm that the Greek (and not only) scene needs them. I hope that they will continue that way, because band with such quality must not remain idle for too long. Welcome back guys.