With the opportunity of Freddie Mercury’s new box set “Never Boring” release the banned version of his video “Living On My Own”, the most famous music video from his solo career. The video was shot in Berlin in 1985 at his legendary party for his 39th birthday at the infamous mrs.Henderson transvestite club where Mercury had 300 guests, including his bandmate in Queen, Brian May. A 35mm camera was mounted on the revolving ceiling shooting all the action, while Rudi Dolezal was the director. However, when CBS director Walter Yetnikov watched the final edit banned the clip from airplay on TV and it was shelved with the single reaching at No.50 of the charts. For the record, after Mercury’s death No More Brothers re-mixed the song “Living On My Own”, which was re-released with a new edited version of the video making it a No.1 hit in the charts and the most successful single in Europe in 1993.