Furor release new music video


The Athenian hardcore metallers Furor have just released the first video from their upcoming release, titled “Love”. The song is “Heartless” and is one of the rock’n’roll songs of the Athenian band, from the beginning of their career until today.

You can stream “Heartless” on all digital platforms here: http://smarturl.it/furorheartless

The band says: “it talks about loneliness, its struggle and a man’s need to find common ground with someone else. Even when you know there is no common ground, no common frequency of communication, it is very likely that you choose to be with other people just to fight loneliness, which is undoubtedly the wrong choice, as it will eventually make you you feel empty, and even more lonely than finally choosing to distance yourself.

“Love” is Furor’s fourth full length album and in mixing and mastering it bears the signature of international recognition and leading sound engineer Dean Hadjichristou (Parkway Drive, Obey the Brave, Protest the Hero, etc.). As can be seen from the singles that have been published so far, “Love” bears the heaviness of its predecessor, “Architect the Invisible”, without discounts, but in combination with a new intense hard rock influenced melodic element that gives a special lyricism to the final result.

Its release date is July 10, 2020 on limited CD and numbered LP, and it will be distributed by Ikaros Records. The artwork was edited by George Thomas guitarist.