GENTIHAA: check out a new live video


PRESS RELEASE: A new unreleased track has just been released by GENTIHAA,
entitled “INTO THE UNKNOWN”, which they present it through an official
live video! The video was shot last November
in Temple-Athens, under the production of Headbangers and TheVault9,
where our Athenian band had presented their entire debut album entitled “Reverse Entropy”.
In the last months of 2019 Gentihaa made a dynamic debut at the live stages
, performing as a special guest in Athens and Thessaloniki for DIMMU BORGIR.
It was followed by the live performance at Temple of Athens
where they performed their entire debut album “Reverse Entropy” on stage as headliners
and closed this decade by performing at Metal Hammer Greece’s 35th anniversary party,
where they shared the stage with SEPTICFLESH, Enemy Of Reality and Aetherian.