Guns’n’Roses – classics, or not, but favourites


While we are counting the days until Guns’n’Roses’ return to Greece, on Saturday July 22th at OAKA, we are presenting a series of articles for 10 favourite songs from Axl and company, with contributions not only from editor, but some special guests as well!

Axl & Slash, 1991

#1 “YOU COULD BE MINE” (“Use You Illusion II” – 1991)

I will never forget that day. Summer 1991, Saturday noon and a newscast on ANT1 TV. “Ladies and gentlemen, Guns N’ Roses have released the first video from their new album that will be released in September”, were the words. For the next 30 seconds or so I was speechless at what I saw and heard. Almost immediately after that the phone rang. My friend Makis manages to utter the following (not so prophetic) words: “dude, that’s the future of hard rock music”. Guns N’ Roses took a step further after the insurmountable “Appetite…” and “You Could Be Mine” was the precursor to the “Illusion…”records… And what a video clip that was, my God! Bring back those years…like…now!!

Sakis Nikas