Hammerfall Live

It seems almost strange that this is the second live album by Hammerfall in a 23-year career. And when I say “strange”, I mean that one would say that Hammerfall would have at least one more live album under their belt. Well, technically speaking “Gates of Dalhalla” could be regarded as an official live offering as it was later included on a spectacular vinyl box set. But enough with all these details. One year has passed since the release of the excellent “Dominion” and Hammerfall decided to capture their show in Ludwigsburg thus ideally closing the…“Dominion” circle/chapter.

Naturally, the Swedish outfit focus on their latest record by performing no less than 5 songs from it while they celebrate the20th anniversary of their classic “Renegade” album by doing a 7-minute “Renegade medley” and by playing “The Way Of The Warrior” in its entirety. Noora Louhimo of the Battle Beast fame makes a wonderful duet with Joacim Cans on “Second To One” (as she did on the 7’’ single that was issued earlier this year). Personally, I would have loved to listen to a live version of “Dead By Dawn” (the best cut On “Dominion”) while it surely goes without saying that the fact that only one song from the landmark “Glory To The Brave” album is not enough (“The Dragon Lies Bleeding” is the song, just in case you are wondering).

With an impressive sound, a flawless and ultra professional performance, Hammerfall proves once again that they are one of the best heavy metal bands in the world. The closing tracks, “Sweden Rock” and “Hearts on Fire” provide a fitting end to the show while at the same time prove that Hammerfall have found yet another anthem with “(We Make) Sweden Rock”.

Highlight: The Blu-ray that is also included in the package is the ideal companion to the CD.