Manowar 2021

The concert where the footage was recorded took place in Mexico, during the band’s first visit in the country ever, on March 14th 2020, during their world tour, “The Final Battle”.

The show was covered with over 15 4K and 8K cameras, as well as a drone.

The band’s setlist was as follows:

01. Manowar
02. Brothers Of Metal Pt. 1
03. Blood Of My Enemies
04. Call To Arms

05. Hand Of Doom
06. Sons Of Odin
07. Swords In The Wind
08. Bass Solo
09. Battle Hymn
10. Thor (The Powerhead)
11. Kings Of Metal
12. Fighting The World
13. Hail And Kill
14. House Of Death
15. King Of Kings


16. Joey’s Speech
17. Warriors Of The World
18. Black Wind, Fire And Steel