Hexvessel – When We Are Death


This is the thrid album for Hex Vessel, the band of British guitarist, singer and composer Mat McNerney after he re-located to Tampere, Finland in 2009. Contrary to his extreme metal past with Dødheimsgard and Code as well as to the so called modern post punk of Beastmilk and the quite recent Grave Pleasures, what we’ve got here is something like classic American psychedelic rock from the depths of the ’60s with several folk touches and a Finnish aroma…

The album is small masteripece as it serves perfectly its creator’s vision from start to finnish with amazing melodies, hypnotic, intoxicating and ethereal. In several points you get a wink from the Doors, King Crimson, Captain Beefheart, even from Greece’s own Aphrodite’s Child, without losing its originality.

The album’s cover is fantastic, as well as the entire artwork, while the limited mediabook edition is quite impressive coming in a hard white paper with a 32-page booklet and a bonus track bringing back a long gone era.