Hitten – State Of Shock


It is a fact that the insular Spanish metal scene doesn’t produce many bands that choose English as the singing language. But during the last few years there has been a certain change since a significant amount of bands decide to try their luck in a global scale using English as the top of the spear. Hitten from Murcia made the first step by releasing a self financed EP in 2012 which actually led to a contract with the Greek No Remorse label. The debut album that came out in 2014 got positive reviews since the band is steady on the classic heavy metal path, serving the genre with devotion and passion. The successor follows the same recipe as First Strike with the Devil. Typical heavy metal but at the same time well played, entertaining and delivered with energy. The production though is a bit weak and that’s a pity because the band’s music definitely needs volume. The guitar parts are the strongest point of the group and in case you are wondering about the vocals and the pronunciation then I must reassure you that Aitor Navarro sounds very convincing. What makes Hitten more interesting musicwise is that they don’t sound like the typical European Maiden clone but they add America in the mix, especially Shok Paris and Omen. The guys are definitely on the right path. The guest appearance of Todd Michael Hall (Riot) is also worth mentioning. Outstanding performance in the closing track Eternal Force.