Ice Nine Kills release live album – check out a video


Ice Nine Kills have announced the release of their live album “I Heard They Kill Live!” by Fearless Records on October 30th.

The album contains 19 tracks that they played at their concert at Worcester Palladium on November 30, 2019 as part of their Octane Accelerator tour.

Spencer Charnas, frontman and creative visionary of Ice Nine Kills says: “The Worcester Palladium holds a very special place in the heart of INK’s history. On September 22nd, 2000, I attended a Goldfinger/Mest concert there that changed the course of my life. I knew after that incredibly high-energy show that I wanted to dedicate my life to writing and performing my own music. One year later, INK’s first show would take place on the very same stage at a battle of the bands that we did not win. The concert is pictured in this album insert. 18 years later we sold out the very same 3,000 capacity venue and recorded this live album there—a full circle moment that I will never forget. This album is dedicated to the INK psychos who allow us to make murder and mayhem an actual career.”