We had the pleasure and honor of attending the listening session of the new, self titled album by Innerwish that is expected to be released on the 18th of March by the Swedish label Ulterium Records. We found ourselves, together with many friends and colleagues, at the familiar Devasoundz Studios for a first “taste” from the fifth recording effort by the Greek metallers. As you can easily reckon, this is not a review of the album (as we only got to listen to it only once) thus you should wait for a full detailed presentation in the coming weeks.

What we can state right now is that the boys have delivered the goods. It is more than evident that they have worked tirelessly on the new album by recording 13 brand new tracks that bear various and diverse sonic elements. I’d say that this is an album for everyone. So, the old school fans will love the majestic tracks “Needles In My Mind” and “My World On Fire” while the younger ones will definitely dig such songs as “Rain Of A Thousand Years”, “Broken” and “Roll The Dice”. The vast difference this time around is the modern approach on the production department, an area that is so much neglected by the majority of the Greek bands.

The new members, Fragiskos Samoilis on the drums and George Eikosipentakis on vocals have done an excellent job (as a matter of fact, Samoilis has immensely contributed on the lyrics and music of the album). As for the veteran members, well it goes without saying that they had done a flawless job especially on the guitars where Krikos and Tsigos are really impressive.

Last but certainly not least we should make a special reference to the closing song “Tame The Seven Seas”. This must be the most ambitious and multidimensional composition of Innerwish’s career. Its cinematic atmosphere is wonderfully enriched by the very sensitive lyrics of this epic/symphonic opus but –as we said earlier- more details coming up soon. The first taste was more than positive…that’s for sure!

Sakis Nikas