In a recent interview with New York radio station Z93 Rob Halford said that the band is open to former members playing with them on their 50th anniversary tour. Actually, the Metal God was specifically asked if there is  a chance for a former member of the band to join them on stage. He replied: “That’s a cool question. It’s like anything in rock’n’roll. I love the kind of chaos that surrounds rock’n’roll. That’s, to me, what it’s all about. There should be no laws, regulations or restrictions.  Anything can happen with Priest. So, just keep an eye out and a lookout, especially when we play live. So, yeah, it’s all on the table”. The band’s tour kicks of on May 30th in Helsinki and on July 17th they play at Faliro Pavilion in Greece.

Plus, Judas Priest’s ex-members are: : Alan Moore, Simon Phillips, John Hinch, Les Binks, Al Atkins, Tim “Ripper” Owens and K. K. Downing…