Laced in Lust – First Bite


Did you miss pure rock n’ roll? Have you waited year after year for a good, old-fashioned record only to be let down time and time again? Well, I know what you mean and let me tell you that the time has come and the wait is at last over! Laced in Lust show all the new (and older) bands how rock n’ roll should be played with an “in your face” sound and an authentic attitude that is sorely missed in the genre for a number of years! In addition the guys are fully aware of the fact that we don’t need any more “plastic” and flat productions and luckily for us, the rock n’ roll fans the guys had ticked this quality box, too!

Laced in Lust doesn’t redefine art or reinvent the wheel…far from it! Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact. They pay tribute to the pure, sleaze aesthetic of the late 80s through an awesome sonic crucible that brings forth influences by AC/DC and Hanoi Rocks. Add a few elements of D.A.D. and Crashdiet and I am sure you get the picture. “First Bite” is a flawless debut record that lacks absolutely nothing compared to the best records of the genre. This is a guitar-driven record with sleazy lyrics and catchy tunes…and all that via an amazing, organic production! Personally, it kinda reminded me of the whole “Rest in Sleaze” (Crashdiet) approach that we experienced 15 years ago. In other words, “First Bite” combines the artistic integrity with the commercial touch. Just listen to pure gems like “Hot Tonight”, “Fire” and “Hard In This Town” and you will be hooked for life.

Laced in Lust is here to save rock n’ roll and I sincerely hope to have them around in the years to come. We need such talented bands…let me rephrase that: rock n’ roll needs such talented bands!

Highlight: Laced in Lust has released previously a couple of rare and hard to find EPs.