LISTENING SESSION: Crimson Fire – “Another Dimension”


We had the pleasure to reserve our place in the listening session of the upcoming album by Crimson Fire appropriately entitled “Another Dimension”. Together with a few good friends and fellow journalists, we gathered at Zero Gravity Studios for a first…sonic taste of the band’s 10 brand new songs. Naturally, the three core members of Crimson Fire (Britsas, Koutelis, Ganitis) were there for all the details while Lefteris Nikas who worked on the mixing and the drum recording was also there for some technical –yet useful- input.

We won’t indulge ourselves into a thorough presentation – wait for it until the end of August where the album will be officially released- but we will paint a first, raw picture of Crimson Fire’s “Another Dimension”. For starters, forget all that you knew about Crimson Fire or more precisely almost all that you knew about them. This is, by far, the band’s finest hour, their most cohesive and well-crafted endeavor that it’s not only worth listening to but also invest on it by purchasing the album as it has so many things to offer for your listening pleasure. In addition, the guys project all their influences thus one can easily spot traces by such bands as Maiden, Riot, Savatage, Stryper, Europe, Malmsteen and why not…Battle Beast! And all this enhanced by a remarkable production.

All in all, Crimson Fire takes us on a journey to Another Dimension with the third album which will be released by No Remorse Records on the 27th of August. It would be a mishap if we didn’t point out that the cover sleeve artwork was done by the legendary Andreas Marschall. Good luck to them lads and don’t forget: third time is a charm!

Sakis Nikas