Danny Carrey
Danny Carey photo: Travis Shinn

In the colorful and exciting world of rock’n’roll where anything can happen, technical problems and their timely treatment are an important factor for a smooth band rehearsal, a recording, and especially a live concert.

In the case of Tool, at a recent concert and while the band was playing “The Grudge” live on stage, Danny Carey’s snare drum was torn and had to be replaced. The difficulty of the task is obvious, since not only the concert is in progress, but most importantly that particular piece of the drum kit is placed low, between the drummer’s legs of the, who is actually playing…

The demonic drum technician, Joe Slaby, jumped in and in record time replaced the snare with another, while Carey continued playing with a smile as if nothing was happening and without missing a single beat.

Watch the video from the drum camera, which Slaby uploaded on Instagram a few days ago.