You can say anything you want about Lordi but these Finnish are still going strong, delivering the goods with every single release of theirs. Lordi has been on the forefront for almsot 20 years now and they have no less than 11 studio albums under their belt. Quite impressive, isn’t it? What always impressed me, thought, about the Finnish outfit was not the quantity of their recording offers but how well-crafted those albums and how imaginative the overall concept are. The cover sleeves, the lyrics, the video-clips, the guests, the stage show…well, everything really! And “Killection” goes even further up on the road…

One might ask what’s “Killection” (apart of course from the obvious answer: the new Lordi record)? Just imagine Lordi being a band from the 70s and carrying on throughout the decades, changing their sound yet retaining their trademark style. This is an imaginative collection of songs as Lordi take us down on a trip down to…memory lane where they play disco rock, synth pop, κλασικό metal, hair metal/hard rock, industrial, stoner etc. and not only this but they have managed to recreate in all the small details the exact sound/production of that era! So, upon listening to “Up To No Good” you think that you are listening to the “Metal Heart” vinyl by Accept, a sheer listening to “Like A Bee To A Honey” brings back Jackson’s “Thriller” climate, Rob Zombie’s sound is featured on “Shake The Baby Silent” while Lordi shines on their instant classic “I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You”.

In a time and age when albums come, go and are long forgotten almost immediately, Lordi keeps on creating records that will most likely have every potential of standing the test of time. “Killection” is onot only a brillant effort but also a quite innovative one.

Highlight: Pay close attention to the musical…radio intervals of the album. They are absolutely amazing.