Mad Max – Stormchild Rising


Mad Max is a seasoned bunch of musicians and they certainly don’t need any introduction to all the connoisseurs out there as their recording presence is remarkable. They might have not set the world on fire with their album sales but their overall work ethic is quite impressive while the band’s singer Michal Voss has evolved into a really capable and “in demand” producer. Let’s see what “Stormchild Rising” had in store for us…first of all, the title itself points immediately to the classic “Stormchild” record of the mid-80s thus the bar is instantly raised!

The new sonic effort by Mad Max balances between the European hard rock sound and the melodic metal genre with a modern twist due to the overall production. Having said that, it’s crystal clear that the heart of the band lies in the melodic aspect of hard rock as songs like “Hurricaned” (Ronnie Romero guests on this one), “Ladies and Gentlemen” (with an intro that brings in mind “Don’t Talk To Strangers” but becomes a wonderful power ballad of the mid-80s) and “Talk To The Moon” (a song title that reminds of Pink Cream 69 and it wouldn’t be far fetched to say that it revolves around the same musical vicinity) are definite standout moments. We also find a cool rendition of Rough Cutt’s “Take Her” (with Paul Shortino sharing the lead vocals with Voss) and a guest solo by Stryper’s Oz Fox on “The Blues Ain’t No Stranger”.

All in all, I’d say that “Stormchild Rising” is a well-crafted and inspired record. This is an album that reminds of the good old days of the band and it will definitely appeal to fans of Pretty Maids, Pink Cream 69, Scorpions, Bonfire etc.

Highlight: The vast majority of the lyrics are really timely and thought provoking.