Listening to the new album of Marduk, a comparison with Cannibal Corpse came to mind. These are two bands that are considered to belong among the best of their genre, they are active almost the same amount of years, they have always been quite stubborn (in a good way) with their sound, they haven’t released a bad album and in general they never disappoint their fans. Also, they have both released 14 studio albums so far.

The opening track “Werwolf”, the first single of the album, received mixed reactions from their fans as it has an old-school punk/crust feeling, but “June 44” marks the beginning of a black metal attack that takes no prisoners. Guitars like iron saws, devastating drums and vocals that can easily bite you. The album is being played mostly in high speeds, but when they try to slow down a bit the result is also amazing.

As for the lyrics, they are centered around the events of WWII, something that the band has done before, as in their newest history they show a lot their fascination towards war. Also, the cover is the simplest one they ever had. The production, mixing and mastering was made by the band in Endarker Studios, something that happened in every release since “Plague Angel” of 2004. This guarantees that the result is exactly what the group wants to be.

Marduk continue to do what they know best for 28 years now, remaining faithful to traditional black metal without changing their successful style. I don’t think that any of their fans should have a problem with that.