Marillion – FEAR


Marillion has proved through the years that it is a force to be reckoned with. It is not strictly a constant outfit of the progressive rock genre but a very heavy and solid brand name.

Four years have passed by since their sensational “Sounds That Can’t Be Made” and the band picks up actually from where they stopped; at least from a pure sonic standpoint. Rothery and Kelly have absolutely no problem whatsoever to create a variety of huge sounds that are easily identifiable right from the first note. Lyrically, Hogarth unveils his inner fears (thus the album title) from the social and political developments on planet Earth (and that was before Trump’s election). He seems angry as it is most evident in the analysis of the word FEAR (Fuck Everyone and Run).

“FEAR” is comprised essentially of five tracks. The three of them are divided in sub-chapters which are pretty lengthy but at the same time harmonically united and connected. But the song that really stood out for me personally is not on this bunch. It’s called “Living in Fear”; a six-minute in your face, punch in the stomach track!

Most likely, the long time Marillion fans have already started whining for a number of reasons; after all, this happened in the past with “Sounds That Can’t Be Made”. A word of advice to them (because it happens to know how they think): give the band a break and try to leave behind the masterpiece that is called “Marbles”! Everybody is entitled of great expectations but there are limits to that, too.