Metallica – S&M2


S&M2: A sequel that few predicted before it was announced, but Metallica, among many other things, is synonymous with surprises. Surprises not for us mere mortals, but for the band members themselves, who having accomplished everything in their careers, are constantly looking for new challenges to keep them hungry.

A sequel that I’m not necessarily saying is better than the original, but it is more ambitious for sure. With an – once more – impressive special stage, with a cinematic release that made 5.5 million dollars in the box office, with the performance of classical piece ‘Iron Foundry’, with paying respect to the one and only Cliff Burton, with brave song choices. From the material that came out after 1999, ‘Unforgiven III’ featuring just the orchestra and Hetfield singing over it is pure magic, while the violins doubling Hammett’s solo steal the show during ‘The Day that Never Comes’. Regarding the tracks that were also played back in the day, ‘Wherever I May Roam’ always stands out, and ‘The Outlaw Torn’, unencumbered by any restrictions, reminds us just how amazing it truly is.

Greg Fidelman deserves a round of applause; After delivering ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’, the first well-produced Metallica record in a while, he really accomplishes something remarkable with ‘S&M2’, getting through a difficult challenge, coherently mixing dozens of tracks each second.

After yet another project adding to the myth that is Metallica, let’s just hope that somewhere up in the Colorado mountains, someone is using his free time to write some badass riffs.