Metallica: to appear on Jimmy Kimmel’s Live show for four nights in a row


Metallica will be featured as guests on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show for four nights in a row, from Monday April 10th to Thursday April 13th.

“In a first for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, it’s ‘Metallica Week,’ as we will be the musical guest each night, beginning on Monday, April 10, through Thursday, April 13,” Metallica wrote in a message on social media. “We’ll be playing live for all four shows, and you’ll also catch us on the couch, chatting with Jimmy one night. Keep your eyes peeled for other sightings during the broadcast, as we really don’t know what else Jimmy will get us involved in!”

The last time that the band appeared on the show –which airs for 23 seasons so far- was in 2021 when they read bad reviews of their famous “Black Album”.

Finally, note that the new album from Metallica “72 seasons” is out on April 14th.