In a recent interview with KaaosTV, Europe’s drummer, Ian Haugland said that the band’s new album will be more “focused” than the previous one, “War Of Kings”. “This time around, I would say that it turned out even better than ‘War Of Kings’, because we felt more at ease with Dave, ’cause now we knew how he was working from the previous album, from ‘War Of Kings’, so we felt really like a team immediately. And we knew when we went into the studio that we had a batch of really good song ideas, but when we went out of the studio and the recordings were finished, we had an even stronger feeling. So we took the songs, really, to the next level when we recorded them. So we’re really excited about the new music.” As for the the musical direction of the new album, Haugland comments: “There are a lot of ’70s roots. I think you can hear influences from David Bowie, from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, obviously — all those bands that we grew up with. It’s a nice mix, but still I think this album has a stronger backbone, stronger identity. I mean, the ‘War Of Kings’ album had a lot of great songs, but I think the new one is gonna be more focused, sort of. And also sound-wise, I think it’s got a warmer and more analog character to the sound, which we love.”