Motor Sister – Get Off


The company of Scott Ian, his wife Pearl, Jim Wilson (Mother Superior), Joey Vera (Fates Warning, Armored Saint) and Joey Tempesta (The Cult) kicks ass.

Contrary to their debut five years ago that contained exclusively Moterh Superior covers this album features the band’s compositions, except from “Rolling Boy Blues” originally by… -you’ve guessed it! – Mother Superior and the outcome is amazing. Genuine rock’n’roll born and raised in the States with amazing grooves, energy that hits deep red and attacks from all around. The riffs that drive each song come from the members’ swagger, who in total gather centuries of paying their dues on the front line of hard music!

I imagine this album playing in a club and starting up… a riot! Tables are turned, chairs break, people is dancing, bodies are swinging, drinks are poured, beers are flying around… Imagine if they played live!

Male and female vocals swap ideally, or actually they complete one another, either by chainging roles from lead to backing, or by supporting one another. Wilson’s vocals are raspy just as the nature and the speed of the album dictates, while even the slower songs are dynamic and are superbly placed in the middle of the storm.

Listening the album again and again one question that I used to ask in interviews back in the day popped in my head: “which album you’d play beginning to end at a party?”. Well, I guess “Get Off” is the perfect answer to that question, while one more spot in the “best album of the year” list taken.