Motorjesus – Firebreather


The German champions of dirty rock’n’roll and speed are back with the pedal to the metal and the needle diving in the red.

One will notice that there is a difference compared to their previous works and that’s the broader variety in the tempo which changes several times within the same song. Don’t even think that they are slowing down, that’s not the case at all. What happens is that they release the gas strategically in some points in order to emphasize even more their breaks and their full throttle attack that build one epic song after the other.

Plus, the choruses are more memorable than ever and their compositions are mature, showing that they are not relying exclusively on their speed, but also their ability to write complete songs. Of course, the themes they are dealing with are the inevitable fast cars, driving to the limit, fire, vampires, the devil and in case you haven’t noticed speed. Greasy speed! No wonder you might smell gasoline and burnt rubber while you are listening to the album and in any case don’t listen to this album while driving…

Just surrender to their relentless hammering and they won’t disappoint you!