Newman – The Elegance Machine


“The Elegance Machine” is the new album by Newman, just two years after their last effort (“Siren”). “Siren” was a very good, typical Newman album with great melodies but there was a lack in memorable hooks and songs.

I am glad to say that “The Elegance Machine” is a huge improvement in that direction. The typical Newman sound is definitely there but we also get many memorable songs. I can see songs like “Illuminate”, “Don’t Stay Lonely” or “Pretender Surrender” being a solid part of Newman’s setlist in the years to come. Yes, the songwriting is great, the production is top notch and the whole album sounds like more of a band effort compared to some of the band’s previous releases.

Indeed a superb new album by Newman. Fans of the band and melodic hard rock in general will be absolutely delighted!