After two tough years for all of us who either love music, or serve it in various ways, it was time for open air live shows to take off. In Athens, the beginning took a place with a legendary musician, the drummer of the band many people consider as the greatest that never appeared on the planet, with his personal band.

Personally, having lost the great and one and only Pink Floyd show in Greece on May 31, 1989 for the funniest reason I could have imagined, it’s something like a “revenge” attempt (which I will never take) to chase and see their members at every opportunity whenever they play live.

People knew since the announcement of the show that Mason would present the first, psychedelic for many, period of Pink Floyd, up to “Obscured By Clouds” (1972).

I would expect something more than the approximately 3,500 thousand people who attended, a thousand of them sitting in the space in front of the stage, but the truth is that this summer the concerts are too many and the prices are “saltier” than the sea water.

After a long intro just before 20.30 ‘, the first notes of “One Of These Days” aroused the audience. The stage was relatively simple, with there was just a projector screen at the back showing various visuals and Mason on stage from back in those days. The focus was on the excellent sound as well as the lighting which was also amazing. The five-piece band performance was really excellent. Mason, very cheerful, apart from the music (well, I won’t deal with whether he played well) was very communicative, presenting the songs and the appearance of the band with a very friendly and nostalgic mood.

The show was split in two halfs, with a rather long 25-minute break. I consider the culmination of the appearance of Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets was “Echoes” which closed the regular set with a magic performance and this was evident from the reaction of the audience who, of course, seemed excited since the beginning of the show. The show lasted a total of two and a half hours with the five-piece band leaving everyone happy giving a great show, which people desperately needed. A special mention should be made for the great Gary Kemp, guitarist and singer of the band (you may know him from Spandau Ballet) as well as Guy Pratt on bass and backing vocals, whose bio is really stunning!

With such an appearance, we can say that this was a great way to start the summer and I really hope to have similar performances from all these bands that we will see live. This is our only hope between pandemics, wars and I don’t know what else is coming next…

Dimitris Kazantzis


Part 1: One Of These Days, Arnold Layne, Fearless, Obscured By Clouds, When You’re In, Candy And A Currant Bun, Vegetable Man, If, Atom Heart Mother, If (reprise), Remember A Day, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.

Part 2: Intestellar Overdrive, Astronomy Domine, The Nile Song, Burning Bridges, Childhood’s End, Lucifer Sam, Echoes.

Encore: See Emily Play, A Saucerful Of Secrets, Bike.