Nightingale, the band created by the multi-talented and extra-busy Dan Swano is back after eight years of absence with an enchanting album that touches perfection. Prog finds classic and AOR forging a metal gem, one of this years’ best albums.

The melodies grasp the ear from the first spin, because they are direct and simple. Keyboards are dominant on the melody lines creating a very rich texture on “Retribution”, while they are the perfect add-on to Swano’s characteristic deep voice. As himself said he is very much influenced by the progressive/pomp bands from the ‘70s like Styx, and Toto, as well some more obscure hard rock acts from the ‘80s, and the ‘90s like FM and Giant. A variety of those elements found their way to Nightingale’s DNA and are the key points on the album’s ideas and melodies.
The atmosphere on “Retribution” is amazing casting dark shadows and moving quite slowly. The flow from beginning to end is amazing making the listener part of the album, like a passanger on a magical journey. The need to listen to it again and again becomes vital. And the more you listen the more you discover new stuff in this masterpiece which bears a progressive attitude, an AOR feel, and a metal orientation.