Nils Lofgren – Mountains


Nils Lofgren’s latest solo album, “Mountains” comes as a pleasant surprise. Haunting melodies merge wonderfully with the Dylan-like singing of Lofgren, the beautiful orchestrations, and the warm backing vocals of singers and choirs. The album features guest appearances from Neil Young, Ringo Starr, and the late David Crosby.

The album opens with “Ain’t the Truth Enough,” a mid-tempo song that carries a touch of Fogerty-like vibes and whose lyrics address political (or actually common-sense) themes, backed by Ringo Starr on drums.

“Only Ticket Out” maintains the haunting ambiance with some delicate guitar work, staying thematically in the same space. Meanwhile, the uptempo and playful “We Better Find It” features Ringo who “always says Peace and Love”.

A standout moment comes with “Back In Your Arms,” written by Bruce Springsteen in 1995 and included in the 1998 “Tracks” boxset. Its soulful backing vocals create a beautiful atmosphere akin to Springsteen’s latest work.

“Won’t Cry No More (For Charlie Watts)” pays homage to the Rolling Stones drummer, while “Nothin’s Easy (For Amy)” lays bare Lofgren’s emotions towards his wife, with Neil Young providing backing vocals.

A personal favorite is “I Remember Her Name,” featuring David Crosby on vocals, a love song that gradually builds in tempo, lyrics, and orchestration, culminating in a memorable chorus.

“Mountains” is clearly a work of passion, evident in the diversity of songs, each with unique musicality and lyrics.

George Anasontzis