Guns’n’Roses – classics, or not, but favourites #6, #7 & #8


While we are counting the days until Guns’n’Roses’ return to Greece, on Saturday July 22th at OAKA, we are presenting a series of articles for 10 favourite songs from Axl and company, with contributions not only from editor, but some special guests as well!


#6 It’s So Easy (Appetite For Destruction, 1987)

I’m one of the few who followed the reverse route as I got into Velvet Revolver without ever having heard a note of GnR. So, when Duff McKagan came in on the legendary bass intro on the night of June 25, 2005, I had no idea what was to follow. Three and a half minutes later I already had a favorite Guns N’ Roses song, which contained all the elements that made them the greatest band in the world: vagrancy, catchiness, aggression, apathy, intensity, danger, nihilism, a biting riff, a punk air, and a singer who got the message across that he was on top.
YG: I’ve always been curious to hear what the original, “acoustic hippie” version of this song was like before Slash changed the format.

Spiros Zarmpalas (Bad Habits)

#7 Welcome To The Jungle (Appetite For Destruction, 1987)

September 1988 and we are getting ready for the new school year, but first we welcome Iron Maiden in their first appearance on Greek soil in Nea Philadelphia.Metal Hammer Magazine dedicates its cover to them and on the second page there is an advertisement of the live show.

However, as a teaser (or appetizer) there’s also a report from their show in Donington last August where among the other participants there was a full page entry for a new band from America called Guns N’ Roses . They’ve been touring a long time, he says, opening for Alice Cooper and Maiden in America, playing aggressively unlike the usual Metal and Hard Rock groups, presence and attitude with an essence of Rolling Stones and a well-presented sleazy approach. “Well, OK”, I thought, just another band; more of the same. Not many days passed and I catch them on the Super Channel (satellite channels broadcasted for the first time in Greece back in 1988 and we were sucking in knowledge). “Welcome to the Jungle” comes on…and EVERYTHING suddenly makes sense. The delay riff , Axl’s screaming , the demonic beat and the strange “special” solo combined with a realistic clip (with the dealer at the beginning and the high heels doing the pavement), put us forever in their jungle with no escape!
Spyros Fousekis (Silver Risc)

#8 Don’t Cry (Use Your Illusion I&II, 1991)

Before I even discovered myself, a primary school student at the time and shortly after Guns’ first appearance in Greece, I remember that childhood party, the game with the spinning bottle, the first kiss I gave, the first blues I danced and that song was none other than the anthem-ballad “Don’t Cry” which remained engraved in my memory and was the springboard to get to know this peculiar rock band, Guns N’ Roses. Later that year I would see their new album (at the time) in the record shop which was none other than the cover album “The Spaghetti Incident?”. Since then they will hold a special place in my heart…

G.A. Sinn (Cyanide 4)