Odyssey Desperado – Don’t Miss The Sunset


Albums like this are the reason I love this music so much. It makes me feel like I am starring in a Baywatch episode. “Don’t Miss the Sunset” is the debut album by the talented Odyssey Desperado, finally released from Lion’s Pride records, after many years of preparation and hard work.

Each song manages to fill my mind with pictures of a magical scenery on Malibu beach, while chilling and surfing accompanied by an alive and kicking Jimi Jamison. At least that’s how I felt with the intro of “Rush of the Wave” and many others songs in this beautiful album.
Of course it’s not only the music and the sweet melodies coming from the 80s era that make it a great listen but it is also important with whom you chose to share this dream and also make it a success. That’s why Odyssey Desperado, the guitarist composer and mastermind of the project, recruited a team that couldn’t go wrong. The producer of the album is the well-known Greek musician Bob Katsionis (Outloud, Firewind). Manos Fatsis is the exceptional voice of the album and the legendary Paul Laine (ex-Danger Danger) is helping out by handling the backing vocals. This great project has nothing less than any other successful album of its kind.

After I listened to “Cruisin” and “Dreams Die hard”, I felt the need to watch Point Break, the legendary film of the 90s, once more and imagining it with this album as a soundtrack. I think it suits even more perfectly than Ratt’s song “Nobody Rides For Free“. I also loved “You And Me Against The World” and “Oasis (In The Desert Of Your Soul)”, which really satisfied my need for a great musical experience.

This is a record that should be in every AOR & melodic hard rock collection…The dedication and love to this kind of music is more than obvious.

Albums like this one still make me believe that hard rock will come back to life as it has done in other countries such as Sweden or USA and not only by the contribution of the bands but also because of new TV series such as “Stranger Things” or “Kobra Cai”.
Let’s hope for the best!

Best of Luck Odyssey!